Leadership Training

DH&A offers leaders the opportunity for professional development with confidential one on one individualized coaching, as well as group team leadership development. DH&A develops individualized learning plans designed to meet the specific needs of your leaders. Both one on one and group sessions can either be conducted at your site or at our confidential training center located on Route 30 in Amsterdam. The DH&A website offers on line leadership/supervisory skills trainings covering the following topics:

  • Observing Job Performance
  • Documenting Job Performance
  • Mastering Constructive Confrontations
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Resolving Co-Worker Conflicts
  • Giving Positive Feedback
  • Delegating Work and Following Up
  • Dispensing Discipline
  • Inspiring and Praising Employees, Morale Building
  • Team Building
  • Communicating Effectively with Upper Management
  • Investigating Complaints and Incidents Properly
  • Managing Unfit for Duty Employees
  • Acting to prevent Workplace Violence

Your organizational leaders/supervisors will have the opportunity to learn and practice these skills in there respective work organizations with the support of DH&A Staff. DH&A will provide customized trainings to meet your unique organizational needs.