Fulton Montgomery Counties Drinking Driver Program

40 Years Helping Motorists in Fulton-Montgomery Counties

On October 1, 1975 the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles started the Drinking Driver Program with the purpose of providing education and screening for rehabilitation to motorists convicted of alcohol or drug related driving offenses, in order to reduce the threat to the lives and well-being of the citizens of this State posed by alcohol and drug related driving.

The FMC DDP Program consists of 16 hours of classroom education conducted over a seven-week period, and screening of motorists for indications of possible alcohol or drug abuse. Some motorists are required to obtain an evaluation and possible treatment for alcohol or drug abuse before their full New York State driver’s license privileges can be restored.

New York State recognizes and approves D. Hugo and Associates as the provider for the Fulton-Montgomery Counties Drinking Driver Program (FMC DDP). The staff at D. Hugo and Associates is proud to represent the NYS Drinking Driver Program and to continue in its mission of providing safer driving conditions for both counties.

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The mission of the FMC-DDP Program is to make NYS highways safer for motorists and their families; reducing the personal and property losses caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

FMC DDP Program
The FMC DDP program is designed to be both instructional and rehabilitative. The 16 hour, 7 week curriculum follows the national “Prime For Life” model which involves visual as well as oral instruction accompanied by a student workbook. Participating students will be required to follow weekly lessons in their workbooks and complete all homework assignments.

Program Sponsor
D. Hugo and Associates Inc

Registration & Payment:
All FMC DDP students must be registered by NYS DMV to attend the 16 hour mandated course. The total cost of the FMC DDP program, including workbook and materials, is $225.00 Payable the FIRST night of class. Payment can be made in cash, check, or money order payable to Mr. Tom Traskos.

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4715 State Highway 30
Amsterdam, NY 12010
Please call Mr. Tom Traskos with any questions: (518) 866-9369.

Prime For Life follows a rigid structure building a foundation of knowledge presented in a weekly sequential order, thereby making student attendance mandatory. Students have to make a solid commitment to these 7 weeks or risk losing their conditional license status.

All information discussed and shared within the FMC DDP program is confidential and cannot be disclosed without the written, signed consent of the student.

Students are required to arrive 10 minutes early, so classes can begin promptly at 7PM and end 9:30PM.

2017 Class Schedule
Thursday May 18 – July 29
Tuesday June 20 – August 1
Thursday July 27 – September 7
Tuesday August 29 – October 10
Thursday October 5 – November 16
Tuesday November 7 – December 19

Questions: If you have any FMC DDP related questions please contact Mr. Tom Traskos at 518-866-9369.

Helpful Links:

Local NYS DMV Offices
233 West Main Street
Johnstown, NY 12095
Telephone: 736-5571

NYS DMV Montgomery County, FONDA
64 Broadway
Fonda, NY 12068
Telephone: 853-8125

Driver Improvement Bureau
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12228
Telephone: 473-7789

Contact Information
FMC DDP Program Director Mr. Tom Traskos
Address: 395 Honeywell Corners Road, Broadalbin, NY 12025
Cell phone: 518-866-9369
Email: fmcddp@gmail.com